My friend, WELCOME to the official website of AGAPE REVIVAL CENTRE official Head Office at   22 Nadonumai Road, Lami, Fiji Islands. We also have our Agape Revival Centre Church in  
  Lautoka. See under the Contact Us listing.

  Our website with the "Agape Ki Awaaz" (The voice of Agape) downloads, we do hope that you
  are going to be blessed with this site. We believe God will do something good in your life. We
  encourage you to read the Word of God and allow the Spirit of God to show you all the great
  things He has for you. God will do it but you must believe. All things are possible to him that

  Agape Revival Centre is the church based ministry. Prayer is our priority, Evangelism is our
  purpose and Ministry is our goal. Our aim is to WIN THE LOST and MATURE THE SAINTS, that is
  to Know Him, to Be Like Him and To Serve Him and Live for Him. Yes, our goal is to WORSHIP

  As the Founder/Pastor/Evangelist, I am in full-time ministry since 1974. Number of times in all
  major towns and the two cities in the Fiji Islands, I held Salvation/Healing/Revival crusades .  I     also visited, attended seminars/conferences and preached in 17 other countries around the
  globe. I have held all major positions in the Exective level of Leadership. I also hosted Radio
  programs and been on Christian TV. Now I am the General Overseer of the Agape Ministries.

  My friend, we hope you will find inspiration and encouragement through this website in 
  reading the contents of "Agape Ki Awaaz" - the messages, testimonies, church related
  activities, the crusade and revival reports and also other interesting information that we will
  assemble and add later on. So keep coming back to this site.

  In the downloads you will read 'Agape Ki Awaaz'. Each month new one will be added.

  My friend, partner with us in reaching the unreached by all means.

  Agape Breakthrough Blessings and Shalom!

  Joseph and Martha Suren


In Fiji: Lami, Lautoka